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At last there’s a way to get a bathroom that looks brand new without the cost, mess and inconvenience of a bathroom renovation.

Jim’s experienced operators can provide a strong, durable and long lasting solution at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
We provide a way to your old cast iron bath and an in-house service that saves you from having to remove your bath.

Does your bath look dirty, even after you’ve scrubbed it?

Have you thought about getting rid of your old chipped bath and replacing it with a new one-but is the thought of the mess resulting from ripping it out, the inconvenience of being without a bath for days and the expense of plumbers and tilers just too much?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need Jim’s Bath Resurfacing to restore your bath.

When you have your bath resurfaced with Jim’s Bath Resurfacing, you’ll get:

• A same-day service that will allow you to use your bath the next morning.
• A high-quality, professional finish that will make your bath look like new.
•  A cost-effective alternative to replacing your bath.
• A 7-year guarantee in writing against a failure of adhesion.
•  A fast, mess-free solution to all your bath problems.
•  A long-lasting, baked-on surface to your bath using the latest technology.

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